Aim at their butts!
Time: 54:17
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Nice set of asses we have here
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Make that ass bounce
Time: 44:49
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Your first threesome is all girls
Time: 40:28
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They can't see whats going on
Time: 41:04
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Something for you to kiss
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Your face was made to be sat on
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We need to please dick in here
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Slam your pussy into her mouth
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Who fucks better? A girl or a guy?
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It's your turn for now
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Ok ladies, time to break you down
Time: 45:46
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This is hazing, just the start
Time: 46:03
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Suck it down, get fucked
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Don't be worried. It'll go by quick
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Show us your bj skills
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Your ass must be tight
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Give the best bj, you're in
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See how dedicated you girls are
Time: 40:47
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You guys are going to get close
Time: 53:38
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